Ideas for a successful renovation with ceramic tiles in your home!

Ceramic is a material with great aesthetic and technical potential, and with great versatility. Therefore, renovating the rooms of your home with ceramics will become the best option to surprise your guests and have all the facilities for maintenance and durability. Ideal for any interior design project and for any room.


Surprising hallways with ceramic tile

There is nothing like a design wall with ceramic tiles to welcome your guests. The endless ceramic tiles choices will allow you to give the personality you want to your home. We recommend a bold geometric design that enhances the space, but without losing the warmth. The ‘first impression’ will be unbeatable.


Kitchens with ceramic floor and wall tiles

The kitchen is increasingly becoming the central room of the house. And it is already common to renovate homes to create kitchens open to the dining room with large central islands. In this case, choosing ceramic tiles will be the best option, since their hygienic and non-slip properties are perfect for this space. As for design, there are ceramics for all tastes: modern, rustic, classic… Although neutral tones or wood and marble imitation ceramics never fail.


 Cozy living rooms with ceramics

Historically, natural elements such as wood or stone have been used to create cozy spaces. The living room is the place where we like to be with our family and relax… but we no longer need to give in to the difficulties of caring for these natural elements. Ceramics is easy to maintain and its multiple designs with realistic and natural finishes allow you to create spaces according to your personality. In addition, it is the perfect choice for use in both floors and walls, as it will give more amplitude to the room.


Renovate elegant bathrooms with ceramic tiles

Non-slip ceramic tiles for bathrooms are a classic. There is no room in the home where ceramics is more present. And it is not surprising. Ceramics is a waterproof, durable and hygienic material. If you add to this its ease of cleaning in a room with so much hustle and bustle, it is the ideal material for covering our bathrooms. For this room we recommend warm and neutral colors to create a sense of cleanliness and elegance.


Design bedrooms with ceramic tiles

The bedroom is the space par excellence for rest. In this sense it is best not to abuse of furniture to gain that feeling of relaxation we want. If you want a change, renovating the bedroom with ceramics will be a winner. You can give prominence and elegance to the room thanks to the flooring and without overloading with too many decorative elements. And for a more daring touch use a wall covering in a color complementary to the flooring on the wall of the headboard. The latest trend!


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