5 keys with ceramics for modern and warm villas

Designing modern and warm villas requires a lot of dedication, talent, and an extensive knowledge of the materials to be used. Both for their aesthetic condition and for their technical qualities.

In this case, villas are homes that are used both throughout the year and in seasonal periods. Villas near the beach are usually intended for summer periods and those that are located in the high inland mountains are usually used in winter or colder periods due to the idyllic inland environment in which many of them are located. For this reason, the materials used must be highly resistant to the weather and durable for both high traffic and to remain as good as new over time. In this case, ceramic is our ally since it meets all the necessary technical requirements.

Now that we have selected the material, how do we optimize it so that it meets all the design requirements and provides modernity, spaciousness, and warmth? There are many ceramic designs, but if, in addition, we stick to the following keys, we will optimize the designs and the material, achieving the desired sensations.

Using the same flooring for indoors and outdoors

Thanks to this technique we gain amplitude, since at first sight we do not notice when a room ends and when the exterior begins. An optical effect that unifies the rooms and enhances the dimensions. Do not worry about the flooring. At Azteca we have a wide range of collections designed for both indoor and outdoor use. And to increase this effect we recommend using glass doors.

Achieving higher ceilings with ceramic tiles

Here we have another technique to get greater feeling of space. By using rectangular tiles placed vertically we will make the ceilings seem much higher and, therefore, a wider room.

Going for neutral and soft shades to achieve a warm atmosphere

Because in a house, in addition to design, we also want comfort and warmth. We want to feel at home. So, we will leave the boldest and darkest shades for the designs of restaurants and hotels and we will stay with neutral and soft shades that evoke calm and relaxation.

Providing exclusivity with the shine and veins of marble

Warmth and technical qualities are not incompatible with luxury. Combine the above keys and use marble effect ceramics in neutral colors.

Using ceramics for exterior facades

Today, thanks to the many designs on offer and the properties of ceramics, it is possible to create the facade according to each personality and meeting the qualities of strength and durability required for outdoors. So, we can choose designs with a more rustic or minimalist stone finish.