Kassia R3060: reliefs, simplicity and elegance in bathrooms

Among the trends that have emerged over the last few years, pieces with reliefs have earned a well-deserved key role in the interior design of different spaces in our homes.

Now we present the Kassia R3060 range, pieces with undulating reliefs that can be found in the same cladding series, but which this time are applied to travertine marble.


What does it contribute to your décor?

That personal touch, but with simplicity, harmony and good taste, as it is even possible to afford yourself the license to fit all of the cladding in the same shade, but with unparalleled visual richness.

With complementary decorations such as mouldings, plinths and borders, we can add a touch of glamour and obvious elegance by making an allusion to mother Russia, an icon of classic decoration, offering a sober and sophisticated aesthetic.

Let’s see some of them!

One of the main concerns when it comes to choosing the type of cladding for our bathrooms is uncertainty. We are unsure if what we have chosen, and what we like so much, will be out of fashion tomorrow and not in line with new trends.

In the case of reliefs, it is easier, as they will protect you a little more from thinking that your spaces are no longer fashion. They add a contemporary touch. Their relief captures the shine of the travertine marble, creating light reflections that increase the brightness of the space.

Also, we offer the advantage of decorating with natural colours and cream. This means that not only is it possible to create more relaxed and warmer atmospheres, but also that it will be harder for them to go out of fashion like other colour trends.

In these three attractive bathrooms that we are showing today, we have combined the marble and cream tones of these veined tiles inherent to natural marble in a 30×60 format for walls, and 45×45 format with a satin finish for floors.

Decorating them with Kala and Kita borders we have created distinguished and timeless moods with a classic look.

Another advantage of this decorative feature is the fact that it does not limit you as much when it comes to looking for furniture and accessories that complement it.  As we are dealing with reliefs, it is easier to change styles, just by changing the most superficial décor.

What do you think of the tiles with reliefs? Do you like them? Do you see them as an appropriate way of decorating your home?

We would love to find out your opinion, it is a really useful resource for us.