Kitchen tiles: ideas and trends for modern kitchens

With a kitchen renovation in sight, the first thing you need to know is which kitchen tiles will dress the floors and walls of this room.

In the case of kitchens, there is no doubt about the material to be used. Cooking vapors generally carry grease throughout the room, both to floors and walls. For this reason, ceramic is the best material, as it withstands high temperatures and humidity and is easier to clean and disinfect.

In this case, as you can see, there is no doubt. Of course, selecting the kitchen tile design is more complicated. Explore the variety of textures, formats, and styles to get the kitchen you are looking for. We tell you about the latest trends in modern kitchens:



Gres imitación Piedra Caliza Colección Shellstone

Ceramic for natural kitchens


The neutral shades of the stone-imitation ceramic collections, together with their realism and naturalness, create modern and homely kitchens. A trend that perfectly represent the ‘being at home’ concept.

In addition, they combine nicely with wooden furniture, rustic details, and vegetable decoration as in the case of the kitchen tiles of the Shellstone collection.



azulejos para cocina

Floors and walls for industrial kitchens


There is nothing trendier and more modern than an industrial kitchen. A style that is easy to achieve thanks to our San Francisco ceramic collection. These kitchen floor and wall tiles are a combination of cement finish with sheet metal look and metallic effects. Industrial in appearance, but with design and all the technical qualities of a tile (durability, maintenance, and cleanliness) that you need in kitchens.



azulejos para cocinas

Elegant kitchens with ceramic


If you are looking for an elegant kitchen with a touch of glamour, the Orion kitchen tile collection is ideal. It stands out thanks to the glitter and iridescence generated by the mixture of minerals in the glaze and its strong ‘metallic’ personality. A combination that reflects the elegance of trendy kitchens.



azulejos blancos para cocinas

White kitchen tiles


The color par excellence for the kitchen is still white. Freshness, cleanliness, comfort… pleasant feelings conveyed by white kitchen tiles. Besides, far from what you may think, white kitchens are in fashion. Just keep the color and play with the many reliefs, formats and decorations offered by the White collection.