Luxury and naturalness prevail among the 2022 ceramic trends

The Habitat Trends Observatory (OTH), together with the Ceramic Observatory of the Institute of Ceramic Technology (ITC), have done it again. As they do every year, their report gathers the main ceramic trends that will have an impact on the industry in the coming years.

In an interior design marked by a global pandemic, ceramic surfaces take on a balanced approach, with a predominance of neutral and raw colors playing with porous, matte, or embossed finishes. Designs that evoke naturalness without losing the elegance of the classics. All this without forgetting two clear feelings: well-being and joy, which society needs so much at this time.

Following this line, the OTH highlights 4 trends that mark the designs of the next 2022:

Essential – Relationship with nature

This trend highlights the search for naturalness and connection with the environment. To this end, ceramic floor and wall tiles feature a handcrafted aesthetic, extolling the beauty of what is natural, such as the wood knots or the imperfections of stone.

Elegant & Refined – Restorative luxury

Sin perder la búsqueda de la naturalidad, en esta tendencia se prima el lujo sutil. Sin extravagancias. Y con materiales atemporales que no pierden la elegancia. Como es el caso de la cerámica imitación mármol, con sus vetas en sofisticados grises o dorados. Otra de las vertientes de esta tendencia pasa por el lujo de los acabos brillantes como la tendencia cerámica efecto metal como toque diferenciador.

Without losing the search for naturalness, this trend focuses on subtle luxury. Without flamboyance. And with timeless materials that do not lose elegance. Such is the case of marble imitation ceramics, with its sophisticated gray or golden veins. Another aspect of this trend is the luxury of shiny finishes such as the metal-effect ceramic trend as a distinctive touch.

Euphoric – Vibrant and positive

A trend that stands out for the search of two necessary feelings nowadays: joy and optimism. And is there anything more cheerful than colors? For this reason, within this line, ceramic trends full of color shine, with wall tiles full of creativity, natural-inspired floor tiles with color or geometric games that bring great expression to the spaces.


Emotional Care – Well-being and safety

In this interior design trend, ceramics plays a key role. After a society marked by the insecurity generated by the Covid-19 pandemic, homes must be safer than ever and offer peace of mind. For this reason, ceramic trends in floor and wall tiles are designed to offer a sense of comfort and calm.

Minimalist lines with matte and faded finishes are ideal to enhance this security and sense of cleanliness. All this as a bonus added to the hygienic and antibacterial qualities already offered by ceramics and its versatility to adapt to any space in the home.