TRENDS IN KITCHENS: Tricks and key ideas for this season

The kitchen is one of the central points of our home. Many moments of family lifetake place in this room. Having breakfast all together, lending a hand when it is necessary to prepare a dinner that is more special than the usual dinner…and it is a fact that the kitchen is gaining ever-increasing importance in the world of design and decoration.  For this reason, we are showing you the latest trends in kitchens. 

An extension of the kitchen

Comfort and space are essential. The kitchen is a place of concentration, for conversation and vigilance. Being overly confident and leaving the pan or pot on the cooker, even at low heat, is a great risk that the cooking will not go as planned; therefore, the necessary tools must be available.

The new kitchen designsfollow this maxim, either in the desire for renewal or with the intention to utilize space and continue with the inertia of continuing to live life in the kitchen, although the home is a single-family home.

Hence, kitchen bars are the most novel contribution and an alternative to a traditional tablein this area. The space takes on another category and dimension and it can be used for purposes other than eating.

If the kitchen forms a part of a common place of the home and it is joined to the office or the living room, the bar is one more extension of the habitat. While you go about the cooking, you can spend time in it, reading a book or reviewing the latest work reports.

When you have guests, let them know that the bar becomes the perfect place to begin the aperitif in an informal manner.  A glass of wine, a cold beer or a soft drink find the perfect support while finishing the meal preparation.

Do you want to make better use of your kitchen space?

There are tricks to make your kitchen larger, or at least make it seem larger.

Use sliding entrance doors with glass to allow natural light to enter; this will allow you to take advantage of up to an additional 1m2in the kitchen.

Take advantage of the wall heights using tall modules to multiply the storage capacity. So that the kitchen will not appear cluttered, place them only on one of the walls and choose them in white or with glass doors.

Glossy or satin surfaces reflectthe light and, therefore, can visually increase kitchen space. Lacquered, metallized, polished finishes… are perfect to have a feeling of increased spaciousness.

Although your kitchen is small, if you equip it with a mini office you will give it added value. A small foldable table-shelf and a stool are enough to have a quick breakfast or dinner.

Do not renounce bright colours for complements such as textiles, auxiliary furniture, and even clocks;dare to use ceramic. Mind you, choose them in coordinated tones. 

The trend of white kitchens never goes out of styleif you add to it a touch of personality, combining the whites with furniture in wood finishes, creating strong light-dark contrasts, accentuating the character of the kitchen.

Now you are ready to create your kitchen!