Marble imitation porcelain

Imitation marble porcelain is considered a trend as it is one of the most used materials in facades and interior decoration. The key to its success is that, in addition to providing the same luxurious and elegant look of marble, you also get the exceptional quality of porcelain stoneware.


Porcelain imitation marble in the home

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The marble effect Porcelain Stoneware finish integrates perfectly into the architectural concept of new constructions.


What is imitation marble porcelain?


Porcelain or porcelain stoneware is a type of resistant, clean and waterproof ceramic tile, with very low water absorption and high mechanical resistance, therefore, it can be applied to all types of surfaces and spaces.


Why is porcelain better than marble?


Natural marble is highly coveted for its beauty, but unfortunately, as a decoration material, it causes great inconvenience.


Disadvantages of Marble in decoration


The disadvantages of using marble as a decoration and cladding material are:

  • It is a natural material, therefore, susceptible to staining with acid and abrasive products (for example: bleach), due to its chemical sensitivity.
  • It requires a lot of care, therefore, its maintenance must be continuous since it is a natural product that develops a layer (patina) and ages with use.
  • It greatly hinders the removal of stains due to its high porosity index.
  • It has very low resistance which allows it to scratch and scratch too easily, making it impossible to repair.
  • It has a high price compared to other material options.


What advantages does marble imitation porcelain offer?


The main advantages we obtain by decorating or paving with imitation marble porcelain instead of marble are:

Resistance: having a porosity below 0.5% prevents its deterioration or wear against the aggression of any external agent (a lot of traffic, extreme heat and cold, water, snow…) and also facilitates its maintenance, since it allows the use of all kinds of cleaning products, without modifying the appearance of its surface. It also fits perfectly in both outdoor and indoor spaces.


Imitation marble porcelain tiles for exteriors and interiors
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Durability : it is considered one of the most durable materials on the market today as it does not degrade or change its hue.


Marble effect porcelain stoneware floor
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Beauty and elegance : the marble effect in porcelain stoneware is so successful that its appearance can hardly be distinguished from marble.


Porcelain marble effect bathroom
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Versatility : it combines perfectly with other types of flooring or cladding such as imitation wood stoneware .


Imitation marble and wood porcelain combination
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Manufacturing system : allows the creation of forms of different thicknesses with all kinds of formats and all kinds of colors, facilitating, if necessary, its perfect partial replacement, something that is very difficult to achieve with marble.


Decorative porcelain tiles imitation marble
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Type of composition : it has a high degree of opacity that makes it waterproof, preventing the absorption of any liquid or moisture; therefore, it is the most suitable for spaces that need more resistance (swimming pools, terraces, industrial kitchens…).


Marble effect porcelain tile for industrial kitchens
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Manipulation : allows its conversion in the form of use that is necessary.


Imitation marble tiles from the Calacatta Collection
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Less heavy : more manageable than marble.

Lowest Price – Its quality-durability-price ratio puts it far ahead of marble.


The Imitation Marble Tile for the home:


With Imitation Marble Tiles you get the same effect of beauty and elegance that Marble provides. They are also ideal for achieving modern and elegant spaces.

Imitation Marble Porcelain Stoneware has undoubtedly become the best-selling stoneware for decorating the homes of young people, as it perfectly matches its trending style: minimalist, Nordic and Scandinavian .


Minimalist Living Room in Marble Effect Porcelain Tile
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The Marble effect Porcelain Tiles manage to create environments that fit with the futuristic concept influenced by the new technologies that are applied in different systems of the home.


Advantages of Imitation Marble Porcelain in the home


The advantages obtained when decorating the home with Marble-effect Porcelain Tiles are:

  • Possibility of placement in any room or stay.
  • Perfect fit to any decoration style.
  • Resistance to humidity and extreme temperatures, making them ideal for bathrooms and kitchens.


Bathroom covered with marble effect porcelain
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  • Arrangement of a wide variety of shapes and colors of all kinds to achieve the desired environment.
  • Easy maintenance.


Types and Colors of Porcelain Imitation Marble


Imitation Marble Porcelain Stoneware is made with high digital precision, managing to perfectly mimic Marble in its diversity of colors and veins.


Shapes and Colors Imitation Marble Porcelain Tile from the Cervino Collection
Cervino Collection Image


The high technology used to manufacture Marble- effect Porcelain Tiles allows marble to be emulated in any finish (gloss, matte, satin), color (white, black, grey, blue, cream…) and shape (mosaic, tile, large format). …).

Black marble effect porcelain floor and wall tiles is a trend .


At Azteca Cerámica we have numerous collections of Porcelain imitation Marble , where you can choose from a wide variety in different formats and colors:

  • ONYX
  • BAY
  • XIAN