Apartment designs with ceramics that you will love

We love apartments for vacation or occasional use. Who wouldn’t like to escape on weekends to a charming apartment in the mountains or a cool apartment on the beach?

Since it is not our usual home, we can play with the design and adapt it to the environment or take risks with more daring designs that do not fit for everyday life, but that seem amazing for weekends.

We propose 4 apartment designs with ceramics to make your getaways unique and trend-setting:

Beach apartments design

Beach apartments are the most demanded option in the summer months. And with the hot weather we all look for a cool and relaxing atmosphere. So, ceramics in white, beige, or light gray tones are a hit.

In addition to offering peace to the room after a tiring day at the beach, it will give a feeling of spaciousness. And if you add a touch of trendy color, it will give more freshness to the space.

City apartments design

In this case we suggest apartment designs with industrial style ceramics.

Industrial style is the most recurrent in the cities. In fact, it was born in the 50s in the well-known lofts in the United States. These are sober and urban spaces where rustic is mixed with elegant.

Mountain apartments design

We are sure, if you are one of those who escape to an apartment in the mountains, you will like rustic and natural designs. Have the typical wooden cottages already come to your mind? In this case you can turn your apartment into a natural environment with wood imitation ceramic floors. Much more practical and with the beauty of wood knots in different colors.

Village apartments design

There is nothing cozier than going back to the village. So, the important thing in village apartment design is to create a familiar atmosphere with classic touches reminiscent of vintage style. Traditional ceramics with a more modern decor will be the key to feel the traditional essence of the village but updated to the new times.