Classic and modern living rooms on trend in 2022

Starting from a classic decoration and adding a modern touch thanks to the furniture and ceramic floors and walls, classic and modern living rooms can be achieved. A trend that marks the list of the most successful rooms of this year.

Achieving this current and timeless look, so attractive, depends largely on the taste in the combination of materials. We show you some of the combinations that never fail when it comes to designing the most innovative classic and modern living rooms.


Classic elements in modern living rooms

The most modern living rooms are characterized by straight and minimalist lines. To add those classic details that will make the living room a warm and timeless place, a great option is to use elements such as fireplaces. In addition, the set will be defined by adding an element with curved shapes such as a sofa or a lamp. These oval lines make for more dynamic spaces.


Marble floors and walls with touches of color

If there is a material that defines classicism, it is marble floors and walls. On the other hand, if there is an element that defines modernity, it is bright and strong colors. If we join these two elements in the same space we will get the current and timeless look we are looking for. We show you these two options with marble imitation ceramic from the Onyx collection, a successful combination of materials and colors.

Neutral shades for ceramic floors

Another classic material par excellence is cement-effect floors in neutral colors. Its timelessness means that you can turn it into a classic and modern living room at the same time, adding furniture in the style that best suits your personality. In this case, the floors and walls of the Cement and Etna ceramic collections combined with furniture with straight lines and darker colors achieve the desired style.

Classic and modern living rooms with a touch of elegance

There’s nothing like adding great artwork to living room decoration for a contemporary feel. Add eclectic flooring such as the Orion collection ceramics, and its own sparkle and elegance will enhance the decorative elements and give it a glittering effect typical of the most elegant classic living rooms.