Latest kitchen tile trends

As ceramic tile manufacturers, AZTECA would like to inform you about the latest trends in kitchen tiles.

Undoubtedly, today it has become one of the most important rooms of the house, to the point of feeling it as the heart of our homes.

Trend kitchen tiles Delhi Collection

Integrated kitchen tiles: Delhi Collection

Moreover, in the world of architecture and decoration, this fact has caused a great change in the structure of our homes.

Nowadays, the kitchen is no longer located in an area away from the rest of the house, but is integrated into living and dining rooms.


Tiles for integrated kitchen

In the exhibitions of the best tile and ceramic fairs such as Coverings or Cevisama, in AZTECA we have seen a strong tendency to integrate the kitchen in the common areas of the house.

Porcelain tile integrated kitchen Orion Collection

Porcelain Tile Integrated Kitchen: Orion Collection

We know that the integration of the kitchen in the common rooms of the houses is, without a doubt, the favorite option of the best architects and designers.


The latest in  kitchen ceramic tiles

In AZTECA we want to show you the latest in kitchen ceramic tiles.

Therefore, given the importance of the kitchen room in our homes, we must know which tiles are carried for the kitchen.


Fashionable kitchens

The combination of white kitchen tiles with decorative tiles is a trend and its main reason is to allow us to give our personal touch, in addition to dressing up the kitchen.

Trendy Decorative Kitchen Tiles Shellstone Collection

Trendy decorative kitchen tiles: Shellstone Collection

In addition, we can use decorative tiles to design the latest trend in kitchen decoration, that is, the trendy 70’s style kitchens .

Decorative kitchen tiles White Collection

Decorative Kitchen Tiles: White Collection

Including a color in the kitchen is another trend to consider as they, softly combined with traditional white ceramic kitchen tiles, create a perfect homey feel.

Tiles color for kitchen Stoneage Collection Colored kitchen tiles: Stoneage Collection

Tiling a small kitchen with a clear predominance of white tiles is key to achieve spaciousness and luminosity. It is perfect.

Tile trends for small kitchens White Collection

Tile trends for small kitchens: White Collection


Black & white ceramic for kitchens

The black & white ceramics ( black and white colors) for kitchens continue to be a trend, and the combination of black and white tiles for kitchen decoration has long been a favorite.

It is always a trend.

Ceramic kitchen black & white Stoneage Collection

Black & white kitchen ceramics: Stoneage Collection

It is always a success to decorate the kitchen combining white tiles with others in black, being predominant the light tones over the dark ones.

Finally, this combination of colors offers us a result perfectly in line with the minimalist style, so fashionable.

White kitchen tiles White Collection

White kitchen tiles: White Collection


White and gray kitchen tiles

The combination of white and gray tiles for kitchens, are a trend in decoration as we can see in the following image of a kitchen from AZTECA’s Domino Collection.

Combined gray kitchen tiles - Domino Collection

Combined gray kitchen tiles: Domino Collection


Large format porcelain tiles for kitchens

Large format porcelain tile is undoubtedly the best ceramic tile on the market for kitchens.

Large format porcelain tile kitchen Calacatta Collection

Large format kitchen porcelain tile: Calacatta Collection

The feeling of spaciousness and the easy maintenance that, due to its low joints, provides the large format tile, together with the high quality of porcelain, makes it the best tile to decorate a kitchen.

Large format white kitchen tiles White Collection

White large format kitchen tiles: White Collection


Kitchen Tile Combination

The combination of imitation wood, stone or marble tiles is the favorite and most used nowadays.

Porcelain tiles imitating wood are widely used in kitchens, due to the great feeling of homey atmosphere that, as a traditional material, it manages to transmit.

Porcelain tile kitchen imitation wood Delhi Collection

Porcelain tile kitchen imitation wood: Delhi Collection

The imitation wood porcelain floor in the kitchen is the most demanded for this type of rooms, due to its high quality and perfect aesthetic condition.

By correctly combining imitation wood tiles with other imitation stone tiles or, in particular, imitation marble tiles, you can achieve authentic luxury kitchens.

Imitation kitchen floor tiles Nairobi Collection

Imitation kitchen floor tiles: Nairobi Collection

The best-selling imitation tile for kitchen countertops is still undoubtedly the imitation granite stone tile.

Classic kitchen tiles imitation granite Stoneage Collection

Classic kitchen tiles imitation granite: Stoneage Collection


Classic kitchen tiles

The classic kitchen tile design that we manufacture at AZTECA is characterized by its simplicity, elegance and discretion.

The classic kitchen ceramics that we manufacture in AZTECA transmit style and good taste.

Classic kitchen ceramics White Collection

Classic Kitchen Ceramics: White Collection

AZTECA Cerámica‘s great success is to manufacture tiles for classic kitchens with a simple and elegant aesthetic result.

Classic White Kitchen Tiles White Collection

Classic Kitchen Decorative Tiles: White Collection

Kitchen veneers

The porcelain ceramic veneers for kitchens, besides being the most aesthetic, are the most suitable for their durability, easy maintenance and aesthetics.

Kitchen Classic Veneer White Collection

Classic Kitchen Veneer, White Collection

AZTECA ‘s ceramic kitchen veneers integrate the kitchen and hide appliances and cabinets with the best aesthetic result.

Kitchen ceramic veneer Seastone Collection

Kitchen ceramic veneer: Seastone Collection

Modern kitchen tiles

According to the latest trend in modern kitchen tiles, AZTECA designs are dominated by the contrast between two colors, one very light and the other very dark.

The combination of these colors produces a sensation of highlighting the very light color, thus achieving the minimalist and Nordic style that we like so much.

Combination of modern kitchen tiles White Collection

Modern Kitchen Tile Combination: White Collection

Old stone imitation ceramic combined with modern tiles in neutral colors is the ultimate in modern kitchen tiles.

Decorative ceramics modern kitchen Stoneage Collection

Decorative Ceramic Modern Kitchen: Stoneage Collection

Ceramic tile flooring in a very dark tone is another new trend in modern kitchen tiles.

Modern kitchen ceramic floor San Francisco Collection

Modern Kitchen Ceramic Floor: San Francisco Collection

Strong trend is taking the metal effect tiles for kitchens, especially in very dark tones.

Perfect combination of ceramic and modern metal effect kitchen tiles from AZTECA‘s Metax Collection.

Modern black kitchen tiles Metax Collection

Modern black kitchen tiles: Metax Collection


The latest in kitchens

Coating and paving the kitchen, integrating it with the exterior of the house (terrace, patio, garden…) is the ultimate in kitchens.

Stoneware integrated kitchen with exterior Brooklyn Collection Stoneware integrated kitchen with exterior: Brooklyn Collection

The latest trends in kitchens that we manufacture in AZTECA Cerámica, allow us to decorate the kitchens of our homes the way we want.

We also have at your disposal a wide variety of ceramic tiles in all kinds of formats and colors, with the latest in kitchen tiles.

The collections with the latest trends in kitchen tiles that we design and manufacture in AZTECA are:

    • Aneto
    • Ángelo
    • Armony
    • Artwork
    • Bali
    • Brooklyn
    • Calacatta
    • Cement
    • Cervino
    • Cosmos
    • Da Vinci
    • Decorados metálicos pasta blanca
    • Decorados metálicos porcelánico
    • Delhi
    • Domino
    • Dubai
    • Elektra
    • Elite
    • Etna
    • Fontana
    • Gobi
    • Ground
    • Harley
    • Heritage
    • Ibiza
    • Legno
    • Lines
    • Macchia Vecchia
    • Metax
    • Mirage
    • Moonlight
    • Nairobi
    • Onyx
    • Orion
    • Palette
    • Passion
    • Roots
    • San Francisco
    • Seastone
    • Shellstone
    • Smart Lux
    • Snowy
    • Softstone
    • Stoneage
    • Studio
    • Synthesis
    • Toscana
    • Trinity
    • Vincent Stone
    • White