How to combine tiles of different styles and get it right

Mixing ceramic styles to succeed in the design of a setting or space is easier than it seems. You have to keep in mind that there must be a common thread so that everything has a balance. Let us tell you four ways to combine tiles of different styles in the design of a space:


Mixing styles with a specific theme

The most commonly used method is to select a theme. For example, if we think of a natural style, the first thing that comes to mind is plants and wood. If we only use a ceramic style, we would run the risk of having a more rustic room than desired. The solution is to combine different styles of tiles.



In this bathroom we have combined wood imitation ceramic floors from the Barrica collection with cement-finish ceramic walls from the Bali collection. And to give it the green touch, the Palm decoration from the Macchia Vecchia collection.


Combining tiles in the same color palette

The easiest common thread is to mix different styles, finishes and textures unifying them under the same color palette.



As in this room we have used white and pink as a common element, combining the accessories with the different textures of the Sense collection and the Stripe wallpaper imitation decor.


Creating eclectic environments with opposing styles

Sometimes the most different combinations of styles create the most eclectic spaces.



In this case, we have mixed the industrial style of the San Francisco collection of metal-look ceramic with the wood-finish wall covering of the Barrica collection. To unify both we have chosen to add some tiles with plant decoration that have small nuances similar to the color of the wood. This combination together with the matte black of the accessories creates a striking and elegant design.


Using different ceramic styles to separate areas

Finally, combining tiles of different styles to separate areas of the same space is an option that works by producing a pleasant visual harmony.



As in the case of this bathroom in which we have used the Macchia Vecchia marble imitation ceramic collection for the shower area and the Legno collection of wood imitation ceramic for the washbasin area. Very different styles that yield spectacular results.