Trends: How to mix different styles in decoration

Trends in 2022 are marked by exclusivity and uniqueness. Mixing different styles in decoration is the key to create surprising and trendy spaces.

And the fact is that combining references of very different materials can generate beautiful and unique places, but it can also end up being a real disaster.

Ceramic is a versatile material that adapts to any space and also offers endless decorative options. Therefore, it is the perfect material to make this mix of styles in decoration.

At Azteca we propose different style combinations to inspire you.


Natural marble with a touch of color

A risky combination of classic marble such as onyx with a natural wood and a monochrome. In this case, we propose green, a trendy color for wall tiles that will give freshness to the room and comes from the Ibiza R120 collection (available in 4 colors).

And to highlight the bathroom space and close the design in harmony with the furniture, we propose to add a natural touch with the Barrica wood imitation collection. We can also combine it with the Lot relief from the Onyx marble collection or with the Dots R90 decor from the Macchia Vecchia collection in the colors rose, peral, grey and white.


Black and white, renewed luxury

The luxury offered by marble and metal combined together, make any of the options that arise perfectly valid.

In this case, we have selected the marble of the Cervino collection, which in both black and white, is easily combined with the decors. Although other marble effect ceramic collections would also combine perfectly.

As for the metallic reliefs to select for the walls, there are different decorative options with more linear reliefs such as Braid or more modern with geometric details such as Mill. All of them from the Metallic Decor collection.

Industrial style loft

Creating an industrial style that has been so trendy in recent years with high-design ceramic materials is a safe choice.

The San Francisco collection, with its rusty edges and strong character, is perfect for offering an industrials On this basis, to enhance the industrial character we propose to combine it with the METAL2 collection, which improves the performance and appearance of the real metal sheet.

And to make the industrial style a little more natural, it can be combined with cement to cover the walls. In this case we suggest the Cement or Studio collections.


Nature at home

This combination of references and materials is an apology to the natural elements that we love to represent in ceramics. This simulation of nature combined in its right measure can result in cozy and elegant rooms like this one.

A wood effect ceramic floor like the one in the Barrica collection combined with different textures and reliefs for the wall tiles in neutral colors will be a win.
Although we have plenty of decorations with plant effects, in this case we propose the Palm Decor in which digital effects create tropical palm trees that appear and disappear.


Metallic models, a reliable choice

Timelessness is one of the most important features of metallic collections. That is why a combination of metallic materials cannot fail.

This time we propose Orion Scintillante 120 blue, a material that stands out for its endless sparkles and is ideal to bring elegance to the room. If we combine it with a pure white as any of our White Collection, it will create a very cozy and striking space at the same time.

And to give it a touch of personality you can add a wall with some relief or decorated, as in this case, where we have used the Gala decoration.