Imitation Wood Ceramic

Imitation Wood Ceramics has been gaining popularity over time thanks to the good work done by the great ceramic manufacturers , such as AZTECA.

Wood Effect Ceramic Bathroom Nairobi Collection Image wood effect ceramic from Nairobi Collection

At Azteca Tiles we have managed to manufacture a wood-effect ceramic that combines the quality of our ceramic and porcelain tiles with the luxurious and elegant appearance that natural wood offers.


Porcelain ceramic imitation wood

Porcelain tile is the best quality ceramic on the current market due to its minimum degree of porosity, this being the advantage that provides greater resistance and durability than other ceramic products.

Imitation wood porcelain Barrica Collection Porcelain image imitation wood from the Barrica Collection

In rooms where its use is excessive, the most suitable thing is to use imitation wood porcelain stoneware since the porcelain material guarantees its perfect condition over time.

Imitation Wood Ceramic Delhi Collection Image imitation wood tiles from Delhi Collection


Imitation wood ceramic floors

Imitation wood ceramic floors are a trend because they combine the durability and resistance of ceramic flooring with the appearance of warmth and elegance of natural wood .

The imitation wood ceramic floor guarantees much more durability than natural wood, being able to adapt perfectly in any type of room.

Ceramic flooring imitation wood Legno Collection Image of imitation wood ceramic flooring from the Legno Collection

Imitation wood ceramic flooring is the most suitable for its easy maintenance, since it allows the use of all kinds of products for cleaning and care, without deteriorating.

The great ease of laying imitation wood ceramic flooring is superior to laying natural wood flooring, also reducing its cost.

Imitation wood ceramic floors have superseded the use of natural wood by guaranteeing greater durability in perfect condition.

With a wood effect flooring you get the same elegant and luxurious look that wood offers.

The gray imitation wood ceramic floor is a trend.

Gray imitation wood ceramic bathroom Barrica Collection Imitation wood ceramic bathroom image from the Barrica Collection

The gray imitation wood ceramic tiles manage to create a modern and minimalist atmosphere, a favorite of the most prestigious architects and interior designers.


Ceramic tile imitation wood

Natural wood is a highly desired material for decorating a home, but care must be taken before using it where there may be excess moisture, extreme temperatures or excessive use.

Natural wood deteriorates very easily, greatly damaging its appearance.

The use of imitation wood ceramic tiles in rooms such as swimming pools, terraces, kitchens and bathrooms is the most appropriate to guarantee their maintenance in perfect condition.

Imitation wood ceramic bathroom Legno Collection Imitation wood stoneware image from the Legno Collection


Imitation wood exterior ceramic

Imitation wood ceramics for exteriors have managed to replace wood as a decorative material.

As wood is a natural product, it is very susceptible to rapid deterioration.

Imitation wood porcelain tiles are the most suitable for exteriors due to their easy maintenance, unlike what natural wood requires.

Outdoor imitation wood ceramics Nairobi Collection Outdoor ceramic image imitation wood from the Nairobi Collection


Easy imitation wood ceramic

Imitation wood tiles are easy to install and, therefore, their cost is greatly reduced compared to the use of natural wood.

The imitation wood tiles allow to have their surface decorated with different woods with their different grains and knots.

The manufacture of wood effect tiles allows the choice between a wide range of designs , which manage to combine the different rooms of the home or establishment.

Imitation wood ceramic Delhi Collection Image wood effect ceramic from Delhi Collection


Imitation wood ceramic coating

To decorate any room in a home or establishment, the imitation wood ceramic covering achieves the natural atmosphere provided by natural wood.

Imitation wood coating Delhi Collection Image imitation wood cladding from the Delhi Collection


Ceramic parquet

For lovers of this type of wood design, the manufacture of ceramic parquet has been a success.

Currently, ceramic parquet has managed to replace natural wood parquet, being the favorite both in flooring and in cladding for homes and establishments.

The resistant Parquet from Azteca Cerámica , thanks to its achieved natural appearance, is very difficult to differentiate, at first glance, from the wooden Parquet.

Ceramic parquet Legno Collection Image of ceramic parquet from the Legno Collection

The manufacture of ceramic parquet allows all kinds of shapes and colors to be available, facilitating its partial replacement.


Ceramic imitation natural materials

The combination of Stone , Marble and Wood imitation Ceramics is used in decoration by the best designers and architects.

Imitation marble and wood ceramic combination Barrica Collection Image combination of imitation wood and stone ceramics from the Barrica Collection

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