Imitation stone ceramic

Imitation Natural Stone Ceramic is one of the favorites of the best architects and designers in the world.


Imitation Stone Ceramic, Mirage Collection Imitation Stone Image Mirage Collection

Imitation Stone Tiles offer many possibilities in the world of decoration thanks to:

  • The great resistance, easy maintenance, versatility and durability offered by ceramics.
  • To its perfect natural stone look.
  • The wide offer in all kinds of formats and colors.


Imitation stone ceramic Vincent Stone Collection Image of Ceramic stone effect, Vincent Stone Collection


Imitation Ceramic Stones Laja

The Piedras Laja effect tiles are the perfect solution for interior and exterior decoration due to their strong resistance and easy installation.

Laja stone’s ability to adapt to any architectural trend has made it one of the most used varieties of stone in decoration for thousands of years.


Imitation Ceramic Stones Laja, Aneto Collection Image of Ceramic Stones Laja Collection Aneto


For the most prestigious architects and designers, its perfect imitation in ceramics is cataloged as a great success of ceramic manufacturers .


Imitation Ceramic Stones Laja, Shellstone Collection Image of Tiles Piedras Laja Shellstone Collection


Piedras Laja imitation tiles are used as wall coverings creating a stately and noble atmosphere, characteristic of natural stone.


Laja Ceramic Bathroom, Brooklyn Collection Image of Ceramic bathroom imitation Stones Laja Brooklyn Collection


As cladding for facades and walls , Piedras Laja effect ceramics provide the luxurious atmosphere and exquisite taste desired in any type of commercial establishment.


Imitation Ceramic Stones Laja, Studio Collection Image of Ceramic Stones Laja, Studio oleection


Imitation Stone Ceramic for Facades

At AZTECA, as manufacturers of ceramic coverings for all types of facades for more than 60 years, we believe that the most resistant facades and those that look the best are, without a doubt, those covered with Stone-effect Large Format Tiles .


Imitation White Stone Ceramic Facade, Studio Collection Image of White Stone Ceramic Facade Studio Collection

We want to highlight imitation stone wall ceramics as the most widely used today, due to its identical aesthetic appearance to walls and ramparts of all time.


Bathrooms with imitation stone ceramics

At AZTECA we manufacture and design our Stone-effect ceramics for bathrooms , with the aim of creating the desired natural space environment in this type of room.


Imitation Stone Ceramic Bathroom, Toscana Collection Image of Stone-effect ceramic bathroom Toscana Collection


We recommend imitation Stone tiles for Bathrooms in plain and light colors to visually enlarge the space and convey a sense of tranquility and hygiene, essential in a Luxury Bathroom.


Imitation White Stone Ceramic Bathroom, Softstone Collection Image of Imitation White Stone Bathroom, Softstone Collection


We also believe that to personalize bathrooms by adding movement and life to their environment, decorative and/or embossed stone effect tiles are the most suitable.


Imitation Stone Ceramic Bathroom Elite Collection Image of Stone ceramic bathroom, Elite Collection


Combination of imitation ceramics

The choice of combining different imitation ceramics for Bathrooms and Kitchens, in addition to being a sign of good taste, is perfect due to the low absorption of humidity and the easy maintenance of ceramic tiles.


Imitation Stone Ceramic Kitchen, Domino Collection Image of Stone Ceramic Kitchen, Domino Collection


Imitation Stone Ceramic for Walls

Imitation Stone Wall Ceramic is ideal in rustic environments, being able to combine perfectly with any other type of decoration.

The best architects and designers choose Imitation Stone Walls to give a rustic touch to a modern space or turn a traditional space into a completely renovated one.


Imitation stone ceramic, Stoneage collection Image of Ceramic wall tiles Stone Exterior Stoneage Collection


The Imitation Stone Ceramic Wall manages to create environments with character that convey sobriety and a realistic appearance, adapting perfectly to any type of room.


Stone imitation ceramic floor

The Stone Effect Ceramic Floor is the favorite outdoors due to its high resistance, durability and its successful aesthetic appearance that makes it very difficult to distinguish it from the natural stone it imitates.


Imitation Stone Ceramic Floor Stoneage Collection Image of Imitation Stone Floor Stoneage Collection


Imitation stone ceramic floors are the favorites for paving living rooms , as they provide neutrality and elegance, as well as modernity and luminosity.


Imitation Stone Ceramic for Interiors

We know that using Stone effect tiles for interiors may seem very daring, but curiously, it is the most attractive option of the best interior designers.


Imitation Stone Ceramic Gobi Collection Image of Imitation Stoneware Gobi Collection


Imitation Stone Tiles for interiors completely transform rooms by decorating by themselves, without the need for superfluous decorations, therefore, they are perfect for the minimalist and modern style used as a trend today.


Exterior ceramic imitation stone

The exterior imitation stone flooring and cladding is the perfect solution for terraces, patios, gardens or any other room located outside, as it combines the timeless appearance of natural stone with the durability of ceramic tile in perfect condition.


Imitation Stone Ceramic Studio Collection Image of Imitation Stone Tiles Studio Collection


Imitation Stone Ceramic: Black, Gray and White

At AZTECA , we manufacture a wide variety of colors and shades of imitation stone ceramic tiles .


Imitation Black Stone Ceramic

The black color in decoration is a trend, which is why Piedra Negra Ceramic is one of the public’s favorites.


Imitation Black Stone Ceramic Etna Collection Black Stone Ceramic Image Etna Collection


Imitation Stone Gray Ceramic

Stone Ceramic in gray tones is the most sought after in decoration as it is very easy to combine with any other colour.


Imitation Ceramic Stone Gray Gobi Collection Image of Gray Stone Ceramic Gobi Collection


Another quality of the Gray Stone imitation tiles is that of being able to highlight the bright colors and accentuate the fainter ones, transmitting neutrality and elegance.


Imitation White Stone Ceramic

The imitation of white natural stones (marble, granite, quartzite…) continues to be a trend in 2022 .

Due to the sensation of spaciousness and luminosity that Piedra Blanca Ceramics transmits, its use is a complete success.


Imitation White Stone Ceramic Gobi Collection White Stone Ceramic Image Gobi Collection


In our Collections there is a huge variety of ceramics of all kinds of colors and formats perfectly combinable with imitation Wood , Marble and Stone ceramics, where you can find the desired design of our customers.


Imitation Ceramic Combination Laja and Black Stones Brooklyn Collection Image of Piedras Laja and Negra Ceramics Brooklyn Collection

Imitation Stone Ceramic Catalog of Azteca Collections :

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  • GOBI