Marble effect porcelain tile for the most elegant designs

If we are talking about elegance and resistance in floors and walls, marble effect porcelain tiles are the best option. From Ancient Greece to the present day, marble is a material with great decorative potential that fills any room with exclusivity, whether it is a living room, a bathroom or a kitchen.

In addition to the attractiveness of designs created with floors and walls with imitation marble ceramics ceramic tiles are added to the numerous benefits of ceramic tiles such as resistance to extreme temperatures, shocks or chemical products.

At Azteca we love the distinction that marble brings and, for this reason, we have a wide range of white body and marble effect porcelain collections. We present them to you:

marble effect porcelain

Da vinci Collection

Marble continues to shine in all its splendor, especially in white tones. Shades that transmit a sense of peace and relaxation. The DA VINCI collection, designed in 2017 to convey the luxury conferred by a noble material such as marble and with the characteristic durability of ultra-resistant porcelain tile. It is available in:

  • 5 formats in porcelain tile 60×120, 45×90, 22.3×90, 60×60, 30×60, all of them polished and rectified.
  • 1 new format in white paste 30×90 in gloss and matte, accompanied by a beautiful relief in each of the finishes.

marble effect porcelain

Dubai Collection

It is a marble called “Fior di Bosco”, it is a gray marble in its original state. Its sober background mixes leaden and smoky tones, containing a burst of very fine arborescent veins alternating white and amber.

The Dubai collection is available in 4 colors, the original color of the marble (the graphite color) and three more colors:
ice, gray and taupe.

All of them in 60×120, 60×60 and 30×60 formats and with a lapado and natural finish with glossy veins to maintain the naturalness of the stone.

We complete the series with a 30×90 glossy coating accompanied by a modern relief to dress up the series. This relief is available on the four colors of the collection and also in a combination of them to decorate any space providing majesty and elegance.

marble effect porcelain

Fountain Collection

A collection already established in Azteca such as Fontana has been growing over time, expanding its references until the need to include the 60×120 porcelain tile format was created. Character would be the word that defines the environments created with the Fontana.

marble effect porcelain

Macchia Vecchia Collection

Inspired by the “Macchia Vecchia” marble itself with its white background with golden veins and the characteristic touches of gray and beige. It is a material that suggests environments of luxury and majesty at the highest level.

This collection is available in 2 colors:
Gold and Silver.
In the case of
the original orange vein of this marble, which characterizes it so much, is maintained; although it also comes in the color
for lovers of classic calacatas.

The porcelain tile is available in 60×120, 60×60 and 3060, in Natural and Lapado finish. To accompany the pavement, we have developed a combinable 30×90 matte white paste from which you can choose the color.

In addition, there are 2 sets in the collection:

  • The most innovative option of the decor “
    The most innovative option is the “Palm” decor, in which tropical palm trees appear and disappear.
  • The decor “
    Dots R90
    in the colors rose, pearl, grey and white brings a modern and innovative touch to a marble focused on the “New Traditional” style.
    New Traditional

marble effect porcelain

Snowy Collection

From Greece comes the inspiration to create the Snowy collection. It is a collection based on white Dolomite marble, with its light grayish veining and reproducing the brightness and luminosity so characteristic and almost mystical of this famous material.

Available in rectified porcelain tile in 60×120, 60×60 and 30×60 formats to bring brightness and spaciousness to any space.