luxury bathrooms

Luxury Bathrooms are within everyone’s reach since, nowadays, making a Bathroom Luxurious is more a matter of taste than of purchasing power.

Baños de Lujo por buen gusto Colecciones Ibiza y BarricaImage of Luxury Bathroom Ibiza and Barrica Collections

The conception of luxury in Bathrooms has been changing in such a way that we have completely put aside ostentation, declining more in favor of clean forms and minimalism, thus managing to eliminate everything that, in addition to being expensive, is superfluous. .

Baño de Lujo minimalista Colección BayBay Collection Luxury Bathroom Image

The ideal in Luxury Bathrooms is that there are few elements and that these are moderately ordered, creating clean and refined spaces. As you can see, decoration lovers are opting more and more for pure and neutral views so that no detail disturbs meditation.

Baño de Lujo Colección GobiPicture of Luxury Bathroom Gobi Collection

The importance of space in Luxury Bathrooms

The Luxury of the Bathroom is determined by the space available together with the materials and finishes that make up its decoration.

Baño de Lujo Colección ÁngeloImage of Luxury Bathroom Angelo Collection

Space on a larger scale than usual is characteristic in the Luxury Bathroom.

Baño de Lujo Colección ArmonyImage of Luxury Bathroom Armony Collection

Large format ceramics for Luxury Bathrooms

The reason for the great tendency to use Large Format Porcelain tiles for Bathrooms is due to the lack of space dedicated to the bathroom, since we prefer to have a greater number of them at home.

Baño de Lujo Azulejo Gran Formato Colección AnetoImage of Luxury Bathroom Aneto Collection

It is important to know that a good choice of ceramic tiles and furniture can provide a greater feeling of spaciousness, making your bathroom luxurious, despite the scarcity of meters available.

Baño de Lujo Colección BrooklynBrooklyn Collection Luxury Bathroom Image

The preference of large-format ceramic wall tiles in Luxury Bathrooms is due to one of its characteristics in creating a greater feeling of spaciousness , due to having few joints.

Baño de Lujo Azulejo Gran Formato Colección BrooklynBrooklyn Collection Luxury Bathroom Image

Large-format porcelain tiles are ideal for decorating Luxury Bathrooms because they achieve a feeling of spaciousness in the space , synonymous with luxury in the bathroom, and because of their great resistance to stains and humidity.

luxury bathtubs

With a huge bathtub in the bathroom you will enjoy a true Spa.

Baño de Lujo con Bañera Colección CalacattaImage of Luxury Bathroom Calacatta Collection

To achieve true luxury in the bathroom , it is necessary to have a bathtub that, with a simple decoration, provides us with the rest and well-being that we need.

Baño de Lujo con Bañera Colección FontanaLuxury Bathroom Image Fontana Collection

The Bathtub is a fundamental piece in a Luxury Bathroom , forming an important part in decoration whether it is built-in (attached to the wall) or freestanding (island bathtub or independent bathtub).

Baño de Lujo con Bañera encrastada Colección PassionImage of Luxury Bathroom Passion Collection

Luxury bathrooms with views of nature

The approach to nature in a place as intimate as the Bathroom , contributes to achieving the sensation of relaxation and well-being that characterizes Luxury in the Bathroom .

Baño de Lujo con vistas Colección GobiPicture of Luxury Bathroom Gobi Collection

Having large windows facing the outside , as if it were an open-air bathroom with views , is ideal in a Luxury Bathroom .

Baño de Lujo con grandes cristaleras Colección GroundImage of Luxury Bathroom Ground Collection

Luxury bathrooms with views of interior spaces

The ceramic tiles allow them to merge with each other, achieving a Luxury Bathroom with beautiful views of other rooms in the house.

Baño de Lujo con vistas a interiores Colección SeastoneSeastone Collection Luxury Bathroom Image

Minimalism in Luxury Bathrooms

A minimal design, brings to the bathroom the most elitist and subtle modernity and luxury that characterizes the trend in decoration today.

Baño de Lujo detalle minimal Colección XianXian Collection Luxury Bathroom Picture

Ceramics with metallic shine in Luxury Bathrooms

The use of metallic glitter in decoration has always been highly valued for its power of attraction. Currently metal effect ceramic tiles are a trend in Luxury Bathrooms .

Baño de Lujo Colección Decorados Metálicos Pasta BlancaImage of Luxury Bathroom Metallic Decorated Collection White Paste

The manufacture of ceramic tiles with gloss and metallic finishes with spectacular results, make them the most suitable for bathroom cladding where you want to reward luxury and elegance .

Baño de Lujo Colección Decorados Metálicos Pasta BlancaImage of Luxury Bathroom Metallic Decorated Collection White Paste

The magnificent reliefs that are achieved in the manufacture of ceramic tiles allow to combine the new metallic finish, so trendy, achieving as a result a spectacular Luxury Bathroom.

Total White and Total Black Luxury Bathrooms

Decorating bathrooms in a single color tone has been, is and will continue to be a trend . Total White or Total Black in decoration manage to create a feeling of luxury in the bathroom .

Total White Luxury Bathroom

The Total White Luxury Bathroom is always a hit. The white color in the Luxury Bathroom provides light, a feeling of spaciousness and hygiene, and also conveys warmth.

Baño de Lujo Total White Colección OnyxImage of Luxury Bathroom Onyx Collection

Total Black Luxury Bathroom

The Total Black Luxury Bathroom is very successful despite seeming very risky. The black color, both in the ceramic stoneware floor and in the porcelain tiles on the bathroom walls, offer the contemporary, Nordic and factory air that is currently a trend.

Baño de Lujo Total Black Colección TrinityLuxury Bathroom Image Trinity Collection

Black & White Luxury Bathroom

The Black & White Bathroom is always considered a trend in decoration due to its timelessness. It is always a success to use these two colors to cover and decorate a Luxury Bathroom .

Baño de Lujo Black & White Colección CosmosCosmos Collection Luxury Bathroom Image

The success of using the combination of black and white colors to decorate a Luxury Bathroom is due to their perfect complementation, since:

  • Ceramic for Bathrooms in black color transmits depth and elegance.
  • The ceramic tiles for Bathrooms in white illuminate them.


Baño de Lujo Black & White Colección TrinityLuxury Bathroom Image Trinity Collection


In the collections of ceramic tiles for Luxury Bathrooms that we have at Azteca Cerámica , manufactured with the latest technologies and great creativity, Luxury Bathrooms can be configured totally adapted to the needs and preferences of all users.

By having a wide variety of styles, shapes, colors, sizes and designs, at Azteca , as ceramic manufacturers for Luxury Bathrooms , we can decorate a bathroom adapting it to the decoration of the rest of the house, thus turning it into a real bathroom . Luxury .

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